June 13, 2020
Simply Manda

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ISBI 1-7

Jane is back on campus.. those 5 days when by in a blur. She is tutoring other students for her aspiration. Though I don’t know how well she does at it since she isn’t the greatest student herself. Jane spends some quality time with Alice..they make such a cute couple. Penny has aged up into […]

August 26, 2019
Simply Manda

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A little Surprise

Amelia was enjoying her day off relaxing on her bed reading a book when her phone buzzed. Finn wanted her to spend the entire day with her and to meet him at the beach. Amelia jumped at the chance changed and headed out the door. She was so excited he had been so busy doing […]

New Beginnings

Building Newcrest


Messing with Pixel People

The Babbling Brook

Where the Waters Flow, Legacies Grow

Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology

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